Grants worth more than £3.9m awarded at March 2021’s committee

March’s meeting of the City Bridge Trust Committee saw 51 grants awarded, totalling more than £3.9m

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Bridging Divides – uncategorised

Entelechy Arts Limited
£80,000 over two further and final years (2 x £40,000) for the part-time salaries of a Volunteer Co-ordinator and Project Administrator and towards the associated running costs for the Meet Me on the Move, Meet Me at the Movies and befriending programme.

Bridging Divides – Advice and Support

City & Hackney Carers Centre
£140,900 over three years (£46,290; £46,840; £47,770) for the salary and on-costs of a part-time Bilingual Adviser/​Project Manager and a part-time Bilingual Advice Officer and associated project costs of running a specialist advice service for carers in Hackney and the City of London.

Lewisham Multilingual Advice Service (LMLAS)
£71,100 for a further and final two years (£35,000; £36,100) as a contribution towards the Service Manager, Advice Caseworker, Project Administrator, sessional workers, and associated running costs.

Merton Centre for Independent Living
£247,000 over 5 years (£47,500; £48,500; £49,500; £50,400; £51,400) towards the salaries of a full-time Caseworker, Office Manager and Service Manager and other associated costs to deliver the Advocacy and Advice service in Merton.

Stonewall Housing
£100,000 over two years (2 x £50,000) towards the costs of a full-time Practitioner and a contribution towards the management of the Advice and Advocacy Service.

Sutton Borough Citizens Advice Bureaux
£201,000 over 3 years (£65,000; £67,000; £69,000) to support advice provision to carers and their families by Citizens Advice Sutton and Sutton Carers Centre. Citizens Advice Sutton to be the accountable body for the award, and funding shared with Sutton Carers Centre.

Tower Hamlets Law Centre
£100,000 over 2 further and final years (2 x £50,000) towards the core costs of Tower Hamlets Law Centre, contributing to staffing, overheads and running costs.

Bridging Divides – Connecting the Capital

Capital Kids Cricket
£250,000 over 5 years (5 x £50,000) to build organisational capacity (through employing an Operations Manager) and to scale-up social impact by delivering more projects to youth experiencing learning-disabilities, mental-health difficulties and physical-disabilities.

Eritrean Community in the UK
£53,500 over two further and final years (£26,500; £27,000) for the salary of a part-time Volunteer and Health Development Officer (VHDO) and towards associated projects costs working with people aged 75+

Green Street Green Association
£76,800 to provide level access to the Greenwood Community Centre and disabled toilet facilities in the building.

London Irish Centre
£4,120 towards an access audit of the London Irish Centre.

National Trust, Morden Hall Park
£130,400 over 3 years (£41,600; £43,700; £45,100) towards youth engagement and participation work at Morden Hall Park including a contribution towards two part-time salaries (Engagement Officer and Park Ranger); tools and equipment; and related costs.

Play Adventures & Community Enrichment
£64,400 over two further and final years (2 x £32,200) allocated across multiple staff costs (one Project Lead and eight support staff), to continue the Artist in Training programme to specifically benefit disabled children.

£92,900 over two further and final years (£45,700; £47,200) for the full-time salary of the North London Development Officer and associated project costs.

The Faith and Belief Forum (F&BF)
£208,710 over 5 years (£34,760; £36,820; £42,960; £45,650; £48,520) towards a Co-ordinator and associated running costs.

The Reader
£47,785 for a further and final two years (£23,540; £24,245) to develop and continue Shared Reading groups in Croydon targeting isolated older people 65 plus.

Vital Xposure
£86,000 over three further and final years (£32,000; £29,000; £25,000) to continue Vital Xposure’s work to develop and support d/​Deaf and disabled artists in London to create art and culture.

Bridging Divides – Positive Transitions

Causeway Irish Housing Association
56,000 over two further and final years (2 x £28,000) for the Wellbeing Coordinator’s salary and related project costs incurred in the delivery of the Wellbeing Service.

Hackney Music Development Trust
£60,000 for a further and final two years (2 x £30,000) towards the costs of a project manager for 2 days per month; the costs of the artist/​mentors that work with the young people in custody and on release; and associated project costs.

Her Centre
£120,700 over two further and final years (£59,900; £60,800) for the full-time Outreach and Development Coordinator and associated project costs.

Re-Instate Ltd
£170,000 over 5 years (£33,500; £33,000; £33,500; £34,500; £35,500) to deliver the Living Well project in Bexley, including the salary and on-costs of two Project Coordinators, and a contribution to related project costs and organisational overheads.

£136,300 over 3 years (£46,400; £44,400; £45,500) towards the salary of a part-time Transition Worker (28hpw), staff costs for management and administration and other associated costs to deliver Bright Futures in Richmond.

Sudbury Neighbourhood Centre (Middlesex) Limited
£40,000 over two further and final years (2 x £20,000) towards the full-time salary of a Care Manager (replaces Senior Care Assistant) to coordinate and deliver activities for elderly clients with dementia and to adults with learning difficulties and disabilities.

Transitions UK
£75,000 over five years (£25,000, £20,000, £15,000, £10,000, £5,000) as a contribution towards the full-time Project Manager and running costs for the Affirm Project in London.

Youth League (UK) Ltd
£249,500 over five years (£47,80; £47,400; £50,300; £50,200; £53,800) towards the salaries of a Project Manager and Support Worker; activity costs; and overheads of the Integration Support Project aimed at young migrant and refugee girls.

Eco Audits – Connecting the Capital

The Sound Lounge Trust CIC
£2,000 (5 days) to provide an eco-audit

Trees for Cities
£2,600 (6.5 days) to provide an eco-audit

London Community Response – Wave 5 Aligned

Action on Disability
£50,000 over 12 months for the full time Project Coordinator and contributions towards part-time youth workers and sessional staff.

Bede House Association
£49,850 over 29 weeks for premises, central admin and management costs associated with the Starfish Domestic Abuse Service and Bede Youth.

Bromley Mencap
£50,000 over one year comprising £33,300 as a contribution towards the salary of the Deputy Chief Executive and £16,700 to cover the full salary of the part-time Administrator

Certitude Support
£50,000 towards the salary costs over 12 months of two new IT posts (£30,000) and additional IT equipment (£20,000)

City Harvest
£44,100 to contribute to the salaries of the Community Impact Manager and Community Impact Officer over the next 12 months.

Disability Rights UK
£18,750 towards the salary costs over 12 months for two core salaries, as detailed in the application, together with a contribution towards running cost.

Generate Opportunities Ltd
£43,600 over 12 months to employ two part-time Volunteer Coordinators with additional budget allocated to IT equipment, volunteer expenses and additional core costs.

Habinteg Housing Association Ltd
£50,000 over 12 months towards the costs of core training programmes; upskill training and Wayfinding and External Environments’ training for disabled people in London, and training for London local authorities and access panels on accessibility of shared spaces.

Jewish Women’s Aid
£50,000 over 12 months towards the full-time salary of a Domestic Abuse Client Support Worker and associated costs and contributions to the Domestic Abuse Team Manager, Chief Executive, and Client Services Team costs.

Just for Kids Law
£50,000 over 12 months towards the salaries of the Operations Manager, Operations Support Assistant, Director of Finance and Resource and the cost of the Apricot Licence.

Lambeth Elfrida Rathbone Society
£50,000 over one year towards core costs including salaries, travel costs, space rental, promotional costs and overheads.

Mind in Harrow
£50,000 core funding over 12 months to cover the shortfall in key salaries across the team.

Mind in Tower Hamlets and Newham
£49,200 over one year to employ two part-time workers (£41,638 for two positions, a Community Engagement Manager and a Community Engagement Worker), with additional budget allocated to IT support and support costs for the posts.

Muscular Dystrophy UK
£42,961 towards the costs of core salaries for 12 months, as identified in the application, together with some overheads.

Paddington Development Trust
£50,000 over one year towards the core costs including a contribution towards the salary costs of the CEO, DCEO and SFO.

Spinal Injuries Association
£49,158 towards the core services of SIA over one year.

St Joseph’s Hospice
£44,500 over 12 months towards the salary of the Head of Supportive Care, equivalent to the proportion of the role’s remit to manage core non-clinical services.

Stratford Circus Arts Centre
£48,250 over one year to contribute to core staff salaries, including the Engagement Co-ordinator, Development Manager and Interim CEO.

The Renewal Programme
A £50,000 core grant over one year towards fundraising, digital/​marketing, and volunteer co-ordinator salaries, consultation costs, staff training and development and obtaining Trusted Charity Status.

Toynbee Hall
£50,000 over one year towards the organisation’s core costs and overheads.

Wac Arts
£50,000 over six months towards the costs of core salaries, as identified in the application, together with some general running costs.

Small Grants (Bridging Divides)

Nature Vibezzz
£30,000 over three years (3 x £10,000) towards the costs of delivering 30 Forest School and nature conservation activities per year in London, including the Forest School Leader’s salary plus on-costs, and related project costs.

Trust property held in connection with North East London Gospel Mission
£29,320 over three years (£9,580; £9,770, £9,970) towards the salary cost of a part-time Project Worker to develop and scale up Wise Owls’ project promoting health and well-being opportunities for older people.

Strategic Initiatives

£150,000 to Locality towards continuing the Triage and Connect element of the Bridge Programme to support the delivery of the next phase of the programme.

Additional grants approved under delegated authority

Coram Voice
£249,000 to Coram Voice, under Bridging Divides, to support delivery of advice and support to young care leavers aged 16–25 years so they can access support from children’s services and be heard in vital decisions affecting their future.

£234,980 to Misgav, under Bridging Divides, to maintain/​develop Pathways’ – weekly accredited sessions (cookery, cycling, IT, gardening, social and life-skills) for disabled women, facilitating successful transitions to adulthood; also giving them independence, choice and wellbeing.