Non-financial support

We invest our time as well as our money, using our people, networks and experience to expand our impact

Colleagues from City Bridge Foundation on a team volunteering day pose for the camera.

Our offer of non-financial support includes:

We use our people, networks and experience to bolster our financial support, as we believe that truly impactful philanthropy includes the giving of skills, time and talent as well as money. We often refer to this as our Total Assets’ approach.

In this way we ensure everyone makes the most of the resources available to them. We offer help to those we are funding to boost their impact and provide support to those not already receiving funding from us.

Working alongside our Trustee, the City of London Corporation, we also encourage more, and better giving in the City, in the UK, and overseas.

Total assets: established programmes of non-financial support

These programmes have been designed to support London’s civil society organisations with non-financial resources by leveraging: 

  • our links to civil society, other funders and the wider funding ecology

  • the expertise and networks of our trustee, the City of London Corporation

  • our physical infrastructure: our bridges, properties and green spaces

  • our communications infrastructure: our website and other channels

  • our convening power and our role as commissioner of products and services

  • our human capital: especially volunteers

Available support:

Access free, detailed, authoritative advice on how your organisation can cut waste, its carbon footprint and energy bills based on a review of your energy, use, waste, travel patterns and purchasing practice.

Access free, detailed, authoritative advice on how to improve your office or centre’s accessibility to people with disabilities, for deaf and disabled people, including people with sensory impairments and learning disabilities, including reviews of work already planned and disability awareness training for staff and/​or volunteers.

The Guildhall has some large scale and very special event spaces available for hire. Demand is often high but as a registered charity, you could be eligible for a reduction on hire rates. Use the link below, or email directly on

Funder Plus: extra support for our grant holders

The Funder Plus offer

We also offer a range of additional, non-financial support that is only available to existing grant-holding organisations. This includes our Bridge Programme, which provides tailored capacity building support to create lasting skills in areas such as management, charity governance, digital and communication. 

Learn more about our Funder Plus offers

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