Grants of more than £13m approved at January & March Committee meetings

Grants approved at January’s Bridge House Estates Board meeting, the March Grants Committee meeting and under Delegated Authority

  • Published: 14 April 2022

Seventy eight grants awarded, totalling £13.2m 

Bridging Divides

Age UK Redbridge, Barking and Havering
£84,000 (£42,000 x 2) over two further and final years to fund 50% of 2 FTE Care Navigator posts for Barking & Dagenham and Redbridge and associated project costs.

Akademi South Asian Dance UK
£70,000 over two further and final years (£35,000; £35,000) as a contribution towards the Dance Well project manager, dance artists and associated project running costs.

Ambitious about Autism
Funding over five years of £242,900 (£46,300; £47,700; £48,700; £49,600; £50,600) towards a FTE Family Support Officer and associated running costs to provide transition support to young people and their families resident in London.

Asylum Support Appeals Project
£244,000 over five years (£47,000; £47,500; £48,500; £50,000; £51,000) towards a proportion of the costs of capacity building and infrastructure for the asylum support sector, including the provision of an advice line, training and e‑modules, the facilitation of the Asylum Support Advisers Network, and national policy influencing work. The level of funding is proportionate to the share of the work benefitting organisations and advisers in London.

Aurora Foundation for People Abused in Childhood
£120,000 (£30,000 x 4) over four further and final years for counselling sessions, part-time contribution to CEO’s salary and contribution to premises and project overheads.

£210,400 over two further and final years (£103,550; £106,850) to raise awareness of young people’s eating disorders in London, to support early intervention and stronger recoveries.

Bonny Downs Community Association
£72,720 (£36,260; £36,460) over two further and final years for one p/​t Active and Connected Elder’s Project Manager, activity costs and related project overheads.

Brixton Advice Centre
£105,800 for a further two and final years (£52,800, £53,000) for two part-time Advisers and associated project costs.

Bromley Mencap
£103,100 over two further and final years (£50,800; £52,300) towards the salaries of three part time Trainers and associated costs to deliver training, work experience and volunteering for young disabled people in Bromley.

£101,800 (£50,150; £51,650) over two further and final years for 1 part-time ESOL Manager, 1 Admin Support Worker, sessional ESOL teachers and related operational costs.

£66,100 for a further and final two years (£32,800, £33,300) towards the project running costs of Hidden Harms in London.

Food Lifeline (an independent project of the ZSV Trust)
£82,580 over three years (£26,776; £27,520; £28,284) for a part-time Food Lifeline Project Manager; office costs and food storage and transport costs. Grant to be conditional on a year one review of the reserves policy.

£174,800 over three years (£58,400; £57,500; £58,900) towards a part-time London Area Manager and a part-time London Regional Manager as well as a contribution towards project costs.

Gingerbread, The Charity for Single Parent Families
£227,000 over three further and final years (£74,000; £75,500; £77,500) for a part-time Development Officer and associated project costs.

Hopscotch Women’s Centre
£244,210 over 5 years (£48,087; £47,769; £48,755; £49,600; £49,999) towards part-time salary costs, programme costs and overheads of delivering a holistic and trauma-informed programme to women affected by violence.

Indoamerican Refugee and Migrant Organisation
£67,500 (£33,420; £34,080) over two further and final years for ESOL provision, including part-time management costs, part-time ESOL teacher , 1 part-time volunteer coordinator and related project overheads.

Islington People’s Rights
£107,360 (£53,020; £54,340) over two further and final years for IPR Assist, covering 1 f/​t Specialist Caseworker, interpretation costs, volunteer expenses and related project overheads.

Kentish Town Community Centre
£120,465 over three further and final years (3 x £40,155) towards the costs of the Project Manager, Support worker and associated project costs to deliver activities and support services for older Londoners.

Kingston Carers’ Network
£127,000 over two further and final years (£66,000; £61,000) for the Outreach Worker, activities and running costs of the Older Carers project, (of which up to £5,000 is available towards the costs of an advice quality accreditation).

Live Music Now South East
£70,600 over two further and final years (£32,876; £37,724) towards the costs of interactive music workshops and staff training across care homes in London

London Funders
£300,000 over 5 years (5 x £60,000) to support London Funders’ efforts to promote greater cooperation, contribution, and collaboration between funders across sectors in London.

Midaye Somali Development Network
£150,000 over five years (£18,000; £36,000; £34,000; £32,000; £30,000) towards the core costs of the organisation, including but not limited to contributions to the salaries of its central management and administration team.

Natural History Museum
£100,000 towards the accessibility related capital costs of the Urban Nature Project redevelopment

One In Four
£71,600 over two further and final years (£35,240; £36,360) continuation funding for the salary of a part-time Clinical Coordinator and Wellbeing Lead, pension contribution and NI to lead and professionalise the counselling service and education work.

One-To-One (Enfield)
£95,200 over two further and final years (£47,300, £47,900) covering staffing costs and associated project costs of the Community Arts Hub to enable people with learning difficulties/​autism to be included in art and cultural activities.

Orpington Football Club
£5,000 to cover the costs of a desktop design access audit for the new Orpington Football Club Pavilion.

Richmond Fellowship
£69,600 for a further and final two years (£34,800 each year) towards the costs of a part-time Yuva practitioner and associated running costs

South London Botanical Institute
£5,000 to fund accessibility training and an access audit to inform the SLBI’s plans to improve accessibility to enable a wider number of people to access the benefits of botanical education activities.

Southside Partnership (Certitude)
£115,200 for a further and final two years (£57,200; £58,000) towards the costs of a FTE Community Development Mentor and associated running costs.

Southwark Diocesan Welcare
£193,800 over 5 years (£37,000; £37,900; £38,800; £39,600; £40,500) towards the costs of a FTE Family Support Worker and associated running costs.

Springfield Advice & Law Centre
£256,000 over five years (£48,500; £50,000; £51,000; £52,500; £54,000) for a full-time Senior Money Advisor to deliver free debt and welfare benefits advice to mental health service users in Wandsworth, Kingston-upon-Thames, Richmond, and Sutton.

St Mary’s Bourne Street
£99,300 towards the costs of disability access works to St Mary’s Bourne’s Pineapple Project community centre.

The Foundation for Social Improvement (FSI)
£67,200 over five further years (£12,780; £13,110; £13,430; £13,770; £14,110) towards capacity-building support for small charities in London, building knowledge, skills and confidence in fundraising, impact, governance, and strategy. Funding is restricted towards benefit of Londoners and grant monitoring will reflect this.

Victoria and Albert Museum
£36,000 towards the costs of a new lift providing improved access to the Young V&A museum.

Victoria Park Baptist Church
£3,460 to meet the costs of an independent access audit for the Victoria Park Baptist Church

Small Grants – Bridging Divides

Art & Soul
£30,000 (£10,000 x 3) of core funding over three years to support the development and delivery of an arts programme for over 1,000 people of all ages with mental health issues in South-West London.

£20,000 over two years (£10,000; £10,000) towards the running costs of the communication confidence group for women experiencing homelessness and mental ill-health in Westminster.

Club Soda
£28,920 over three years (£9,640 x 3) towards Leisure Link, covering part-time Graphic Designer, freelance Digital Trainer and newsletter print and postage costs. The grant award is conditional on confirmation that funding from another source is confirmed.

Connaught Opera
£5,000 for 10 concerts in care homes and day centres for older people across London.

Forget me not project
£30,000 (3 x £10,000) over three years for arts and crafts sessions and related project overheads.

Going for Independence Community Interest Company
£4,750 for Sensing the Wild walks, volunteer training and related project costs.

Hackney Herbal CIC
£49,950 over five years (£9,990 x 5) for community activities at Trowbridge Gardens, including part-time Community Gardener, gardening supplies and related project overheads. Funds to be drawn down upon confirmation of a third Director in post.

Helping Disabilities
£16,000 over two years (£8,000; £8,000) towards the Equipped n’ Enabled project providing disabled children and young adults in London with free access to the organisation’s lending library of specialist equipment.

Joy Of Sound (JOS)
£48,620 over 5 years (£9,416; £9,568; £9,668; £9,984; £9,984) towards inclusive combined arts for health and wellbeing and seated yoga sessions for disabled and elderly people in Lambeth, Kensington & Chelsea and Hackney.

MindFood CIO
£30,000 over three years (3 x £10,000) towards the salary of a Facilitator and running costs of Green Some, Share Some’, a free food growing programme supporting people experiencing issues including depression and anxiety.

PCC of St John the Evangelist, Brownswood Park
£5,000 over three years (£1,000; £2,000; £2,000) to contribute to the Soup Garden Project, including volunteer expenses, produce packaging and project overheads.

£30,000 (3 x £10,000) towards core funding to develop and expand SLiDE’s work with older people with Parkinson’s and young people with learning disabilities in Croydon.

St Johns Community Development Project
£20,000 over two years (£10,000; £10,000) towards weekly exercise classes and personal health consultations, related project costs and a contribution to the organisation’s overheads.

STORE Schools and Projects CIC
£46,400 over five years (5 x £9,820) to run after school design clubs focusing on greening the city and sustainable building technologies for state school students aged 14–18.

Tamworth Farm Allotment Society
£2,610 to purchase and install a composting toilet that will help members to cultivate their plots for longer and feel better able to take part in our social events and workdays.

The Community Association for West Hampstead
£30,000 over three years (£10,000;£10,000;£10,000) towards the salary of a Project Organiser and other associated project costs.

The Silverlining Charity
£30,000 over three years (3 x £10,000) to part fund the Rehab Assistant/​Coordinator role.

Work and Play
£10,000 (£7,500; £2,500) over two years to support core costs.

Strategic Initiatives

Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust (The Beacon Collaborative)
Up to £350,000 over two years towards the work of the Beacon Fellowship Charitable Trust subject to satisfactory confirmation of the following conditions:

  • confirmed funding at a similar level from Arts Council England and/​or other funders
  • demonstrating that the amounts requested from CBT constitute an appropriate proportion up to a maximum of 50% of the overall cost of each funded project relative to other secured funds; and
  • the satisfactory negotiation of key outcomes, milestones, delivery arrangements and payment schedules for each workstream (approval of the outcomes of such negotiation to be delegated to your officers).

British Refugee Council
£100,000 over 12 months to the British Refugee Council to support the London-focused work of the Programme for Afghan Refugee Community Support

Centre for London
£35,000 towards a social action research project to influence the national Levelling Up agenda to reflect the challenges facing London.

Centre for London
£20,000 over one year towards the Centre for London’s work on In London and for London: place-based impact investing for the city” with release of funds conditional on receipt of satisfactory final monitoring on the Centre’s current grant (reference 17300).

Cripplegate Foundation
£225,000 over 5 years (5 x £45,000) to co-fund a project aiming to bring a step change in the way voluntary and public services listen to and work with people around the issue of domestic violence and violence against women.

Getting On Board
£7,300 over a period of 12 months to support a training program which will accompany the How to diversify your Charity’s board guide.

Greater London Authority
£720,000 over 2 years to the Greater London Authority (GLA, devolved regional governance body of the London region) for the Civil Society Roots 3 programme, with up to £120,000 to be spent on administration costs including the salary of a coordinator (the job description of the coordinator to be provided as a condition of the grant).

Homeless Link
£236,000 over two years and three months (£113,000; £123,000) for the delivery of the Strategic Leadership Development Programme. Costs include the salary of a Project Manager; a fixed number of hours of an Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Consultant; a fixed number of hours of Expert by Experience Advisors; Homeless Link Training Associates, for involvement in training and masterclasses, as well as in clinical supervision sessions; and a contribution to management and overhead costs.

John Lyon’s Charity
£1,020,000 over three years (£353,340; £333,330; £333,330) to John Lyon’s Charity for its Recovery Fund, providing grants to strengthen children & young people’s organisations. The funding is to be restricted to support organisations benefitting Londoners and includes £20,000 towards administration costs.

London Legal Support Trust
£50,000 for the year towards the costs of a FTE Billing Co-ordinator and associated running costs as a partnership with LLST and LEF.

London Youth
£100,000 (£50,000 x2) over a further two years for the salary costs of a Membership Development Manager and related costs for a programme to support the development and capacity of youth organisations in several outer London boroughs, with a current focus on Redbridge.

London Youth
£500,000 over five months as a one-off grant to underpin London Youth’s core costs and enable its work to benefit the capital’s youth organisations.

Small Charities Coalition
Up to £25,000 over a period of up to 12 months to support the orderly wind-down of the Small Charities Coalition and the transfer of knowledge to the wider sector.

£36,700 over 6 months for the infrastructure and participatory costs of the TLP project and staff peer support.

Trust for London
£35,000 to the Trust for London towards the access costs of disabled commissioners participating in the next phase of the Commission on Social Security led by Experts by Experience with release of funds conditional on confirmation that TFL’s own support for the Commission is approved at its forthcoming 2nd stage review.

Trust for London
£2m for the Racial Justice Fund which will directly resource Black and minority-led organizations working at the intersections of racial and economic justice to address systemic inequities. The funding is to be restricted to support organisations benefitting Londoners.

Trust for London
£1.5m for the Disability Justice Fund, providing grants to strengthen the disability movement in London by supporting organisations led by Deaf and Disabled people to grow in effectiveness, power, and influence. The funding is to be restricted to support organisations benefitting Londoners.

United St Saviour’s Charity
£500,000 over two years (£250,000; £250,000) to United St Saviour’s Charity for its work supporting disadvantaged communities in LB Southwark. The funding is to be restricted to support organisations benefitting Londoners.

Stepping Stones

CPotential Trust
£26,500 over one year for the costs of developing a social impact measurement framework, including agreed consultancy fees, frontline staff involvement costs, and a contribution to overheads.

Cornerstone Fund

High Trees Community Development Trust
£330,250 over 3 years (£100,000; £124,000; £106,250) towards a project to build the Build Young Partnership as a vehicle for collaborative working within the voluntary and community sector.

Kingston Voluntary Action
£345,000 over three years (£127,000; £109,000; £109,000) towards the further development and delivery of the Datawise London programme.

£498,000 over three years (£132,000; £181,000; £185,000) towards the further development and delivery of the Trans Learning Partnership

Eco Audits

Holloway Neighbourhood Group
£2,200 (5.5 days) to provide an eco-audit.

Living Way Ministries
£1,800 (4.5 days) to provide an eco-audit.

Transition Funding – Bridging Divides

Noa Girls
£64,710 over two further and final years (£31,820, £32,890) for the F/T salary of a Keyworker to provide practical, emotional, and therapeutic support to vulnerable adolescent girls from the London Orthodox Jewish community.