Grants from Propel, a new funding partnership for London

London Funders have been working with funders across sectors and the capital’s equity infrastructure organisations (HEAR Network, Inclusion London, LGBT+ Consortium, The Ubele Initiative and Women’s Resource Centre) to develop a collaborative funding programme, offering grants to civil society groups in London.

Two people side by side, one standing and one in a wheelchair. Propel logo and strap line reads "Giving the capital's civil society communities the flexibility, trust and capacity to make systemic change."
  • Published: 6 October 2022

This new initiative – called Propel – is about giving the capital’s civil society and communities the flexibility and capacity to explore, develop and lead collaborative ways of tackling some of London’s biggest challenges.

Grants will prioritise the communities experiencing structural inequality and the civil society groups who are best placed to make change happen.

Funding will focus on three missions’ set out by the London Recovery Board, the body which guides the capital’s post-Covid recovery:

  • mentoring and activities for young people
  • providing support for people experiencing financial hardship
  • building strong communities

Propel will fund organisations’ time to explore issues, test different approaches, listen to what is working and what new challenges are arising, and adapt as needed.

The new funding initiative will enable grantees to work with others, across different sectors, with different experiences and expertise, building strong relationships where we can challenge and support each other, and where the voices of those most affected by the issues are at the heart of the conversations.

Propel grants

Starting with a small grant to give equity-led organisations the capacity to explore what systemic changes they want to make, or a larger grant for civil society organisations to build on and scale up existing work to deliver and develop, the initial grants will likely lead onto an opportunity to bid for a long-term (5+ years), extended flexible funding partnership.

The future is uncertain, but by coming together to build trust and understanding on issues, we can tackle root causes, not just symptoms. Together, we can be flexible and responsive to the challenges and opportunities ahead, so that people across London’s communities can live better lives.

We are delighted to be one of the participating Propel funders and part of building a platform where we can act collectively, drawing on the relationships and assets we all bring to the partnership. We share the ambition of developing bold, innovative and creative programmes, sharing risks together to learn, unlearn and achieve more than the sum of our parts.

Organisations can find more information and apply for funding online at