Envisioning London 2035’ at the Barbican launches City Bridge Foundation funding consultation

City Bridge Foundation has started a major consultation with London’s charity sector and funders, as it begins its thinking towards a new funding policy that can deliver greater impact for Londoners and support for the sector

Close-up on an illustration from the event with the words 'Sharing visions together matters'.
  • Published: 6 March 2024

In 2018 City Bridge Trust (now City Bridge Foundation) launched Bridging Divides, a five year funding strategy. When we launched it, we never imagined how turbulent those following five years were going to be: a cost of living crisis, a pandemic, the murder of George Floyd, war, climate change impacts and domestic political turmoil, to name but a few.

All of these things have had a dramatic impact on the lives of Londoners, and have created real challenges for those who support them.

Given that external context and our evolution from City Bridge Trust to City Bridge Foundation last year, we are starting to think about the direction a future funding policy should take. Yesterday at the Barbican, we brought together an incredible group of people, with a diverse range of expertise and experience, to help us do some of that thinking. Attendees represented civil society, business, local and central government, policy and research. All of whom are involved in different ways to make the capital work for everyone.

The insights and inputs we received during the event, including people’s vision for London in 2035, gave us a great start to this process. There will be further opportunities for our funded organisations, the wider sector, London-specific funders and Londoners to be involved over the coming months. All of this will inform and shape our thinking around what we do in the future.

We will share more on the results of the consultation as soon as we can, but we are committed to make this a careful and considered process. All our funding strands remain open as usual and no immediate changes are planned. We will take our time and consult widely in order to make sure we deliver even more with the resources we have.

City Bridge Foundation is a world class bridge owner, and that ownership allows us to be a major funder of London’s charity sector. But we also aspire to be a world class funder. Not as a vanity project, but to ensure the highest standards, in order to make real progress towards a more equitable future for all Londoners.