Support for children and young people

Funding theme: Children and young people

We want to increase the service provision and support available for London’s most vulnerable children and young people.

Grant details

  • Area: Greater London
  • Open to: New and previous applicants
  • Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis
  • Funding length: Up to 5 years
  • Funding size: There is no minimum or maximum limit to how much we will give, however we never give revenue funding exceeding 50% of the applicants turnover/​income in any one year

What we fund

We want to fund projects and organisations working in three priority areas:

  • support for vulnerable parents and carers of preschool children (aged 0–5)

  • support for children and young people engaged in child criminal exploitation

  • work that addresses the needs of disadvantaged young women and girls

We generally place an upper age limit on beneficiaries of 25.

We welcome applications from organisations:

  • led or guided by people with lived experience of these issues

  • with local, community or specialist insight and knowledge

  • setting out to build the resilience of project beneficiaries

  • building the evidence of effective interventions

  • whose approach has been (and continues to be) co-produced with young people

We recognise that service provision is frequently fragmented and unevenly distributed across London. Therefore, we support work that builds stronger connections between the range of services available for children and young people, particularly where this addresses current system shortcomings or failure.

To ensure work is properly resourced, applicants are encouraged to request funds for both staffing as well as costs to support:

  • training and development

  • clinical supervision (where appropriate)

  • project delivery overheads

  • relevant staff and volunteer management

Wherever possible, we seek to support projects and organisations that involve the communities the project or organisation serves in shaping its services and/​or that are majority-staffed or run by those with lived experience of the issues they address.

We will also consider work with children and young people across a number of our other funding strands.

Funding staff costs

We will not usually pay for staff costs beyond one full-time equivalent staff post. For example, we could pay for one full-time staff member, or two part-time staff, both working 17.5 hours a week. We will only fund staff posts that are paid the London Living Wage or above. 

How to apply

Before beginning your application, please ensure you have thoroughly read steps one and two to check that our funding is a good fit for you. Please note, we only fund organisations that meet our eligibility criteria.

Application steps:

  1. Find out what’s involved in the application process
  2. Check your eligibility
  3. Start your application

If you are a previous grant holder, or an unsuccessful applicant, please read our reapplication criteria before submitting a new application.

Young people in bright clothing on stage with Kiln Theatre Company. Photograph by Alex Brenner.
In 2021, City Bridge Foundation awarded £246,000 to Kiln Theatre Company to support the theatre’s work helping young people – including refugees and asylum seekers – over five years. Photograph by Alex Brenner.