Suicide Prevention Strategic Partnership Funding FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions about the Strategic Partnership Funding

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Strategic Partnership Funding FAQs

We will fund the following organisation types:

  • A charity that was established and registered in the UK
  • A registered charitable incorporated organisation
  • A registered charitable company
  • A registered charitable industrial and provident society (IPS) or charitable community benefit society (BenCom)
  • A registered CIC (community interest company) limited by guarantee

This programme is open to new applicants, and existing and previous grant-holders.

This programme is only open to partnership applications.

Partnerships must consist of a minimum of two organisations. You must select one organisation to be the lead applicant on behalf of the partnership, and the financial/​organisational information must be that of the applicant charity. Any grant will be the legal responsibility of the trustees of that charity.

Organisations can be part of more than one applying partnership.

Organisations can apply to both the Strategic Partnership Funding and Making London More Liveable.

We cannot fund:

  • Political parties
  • Part political campaigning / lobbying
  • Non-charitable activities
  • Work which does not benefit those who live in Greater London

We do not fund:

  • Individuals (except through our nominated agencies)
  • Grant-making bodies to make grants on our behalf (except through our nominated agencies)
  • Schools, PTAs, universities, or other educational establishments
  • Work taking place in schools, except for the delivery of non-statutory mental health services
  • Medical or academic research
  • Churches or other religious bodies where the monies will be used for religious purposes
  • Hospitals or primary healthcare providers
  • Community amateur sports clubs
  • Projects which have already taken place or building work which has already been completed
  • Statutory bodies, such as local authorities
  • Profit-making organisations, except social enterprises
  • Charities established/​registered outside the UK
  • Festivals or events which last no longer than a few days
  • Activities or projects which incorporate an overnight stay
  • Residential care services
  • Residential facilities (except where they provide short-term emergency accommodation)

Yes, existing City Bridge Foundation grant-holders and those who are currently at assessment stage can apply for this funding programme.

No, there is not a minimum annual income requirement for this programme.

We will not award funding that exceeds 50% of the applicant’s turnover/​income in any one year.

The maximum you can apply for is £150,000 per year over seven years. Organisations cannot apply for more than 50% of their turnover/​income (as shown in their most recent signed accounts) in any one year.

We will fund one project in each strategic area, a total of four grants.

All details of our application process can be found on the Strategic Partnership Funding landing page, along with our funding guidance.

Applications must be submitted on our online funding portal by 5pm on Friday, 2 August 2024.

Once applications have been reviewed and shortlisted, we will send outcome emails to notify unsuccessful applicants and to arrange detailed assessments with applicants who will be continuing in the process. 

Final decisions regarding successful grants will be made in December 2024.

Depending on the number of applications submitted, we may not be able to provide individual feedback, but we will try our best to explain why applications were not progressed. We will list the most common reasons of why we turn down applicants on our website.

We will hold two pre-application webinars during May. The purpose of these webinars is to share what we will be looking for in successful applications and answer questions about the fund.

For organisations which would like to apply to this fund, we will offer pre-application support calls. These will be available throughout June and bookable after the pre-application webinars have taken place.