City Bridge Foundation Social Investment Fund

A £20 million fund to minimise disadvantage and marginalisation by empowering London’s communities to build the resources necessary for thriving, full and prosperous lives.

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City Bridge Foundation provides accessible, long-term, and flexible finance for social change as well as opportunities to connect with others who can support your work.

We are willing to take risks, innovate, learn and do better. We recognise there is an imbalance of power between investors and investees, so we approach our work with fairness and equity.

What’s included on this page:

What we invest in

We invest in a diverse range of organisations who work to support Londoners.

We will consider both debt and equity-type arrangements.

The Fund is overseen by our Funding Committee and managed by our funding team.

Our Stepping Stones Fund is a grant programme to support charitable organisations in Greater London looking to explore social investments as a funding source in the future.

Investment criteria

Meeting the criteria of the Fund is not in itself sufficient condition for securing investment. Decisions to invest are made at the sole discretion of City Bridge Foundation and may be subject to conditions.

Each individual social investment is targeted to generate both a social and financial return.

Further information

If you require any additional information or wish to discuss a potential social investment, please contact us at

You can find more information on social investments and related funding at the Good Finance website.

Each investment must offer a clear social benefit. Investees must be capable and willing to provide regular impact updates during the period we invest. 

At a portfolio level, we seek to recycle our capital. We do not have a minimum return requirement on individual investments but will consider each request on a case-by-case basis.

We do not have a minimum size of investment (our smallest to date has been £50,000). Larger investments will depend on the availability of uncommitted funds. So far, our single largest investment has been £3m.

The Fund will consider both direct investments (providing returnable funds to organisations which pursue charitable, community or social objectives) and indirect investments (into funds managed by others to reach a greater number of charities and social enterprises). In all instances, our key concern is the benefit to Londoners.

We can consider direct investment in organisations that:

  • Have a financially viable business plan which shows how the investment will be repaid
  • Have a clear case for social impact
  • Have strong management and governance
  • Have a clear exit strategy / end term for the investment to be repaid

Direct investments will normally be made for purposes of either: service expansion; organisational development; purchase of property or other capital items that support service delivery.

In addition to making direct investments in organisations that are registered with the Charity Commission or Community Interest Company Regulator, direct investments can also be made in for-profit social sector organisations where the organisation’s governance embodies and protects its social mission.

As a charitable investor, we always need to give consideration to the Charity Commission’s CC14 Guidance on private benefit.

Investment can be made in funds managed by others where those funds:

  • Benefit Londoners
  • Have charitable, community or social benefit and clearly articulated social returns
  • Show that the distribution of profits generated by the funds are capped to investors
  • Make available to investors on a regular basis, an assessment of the fund’s performance in social and financial terms

Our advisors

We are grateful for the work of our appointed advisors who support us to deliver our vision.

Bridging London

Our Bridging London strategy provides the framework for our activities and the collective impact we seek to deliver.

To achieve our aim of being impact driven, we are committed to leading the development of the UK as a global centre for social investment and help to grow the market.

Read the full Bridging London strategy