Constituted Voluntary Organisations

Small Grants eligibility criteria and Governance Standards

Below are the essential criteria and governance standards that a voluntary organisation must meet to qualify for funding from City Bridge Foundation. 

To be eligible for a grant, an application must also meet additional criteria that are detailed on the Small Grants webpage.

  • Clearly defined charitable aims in your constitution
  • Your organisation is not for profit
  • Your work must be for the benefit of Londoners
  • Inclusion of a Dissolution Clause/​Asset Lock in your constitution
  • A governing body (e.g. Trustees or Directors) of at least three unrelated members.
  • A formal written agreement for payments of any governing body members
  • Your organisation must have the appropriate insurance and qualifications in place to deliver work
  • Provide copy of your most recent official accounts or financial records
  • Your accounts or financial records must show that your organisation is solvent, and any projections show that your organisation is likely to remain solvent for the duration of the grant
  • A clear and robust Safeguarding Policy in your organisation’s own name. We would expect this to include a named safeguarding representative within your organisation, appropriate and regular safeguarding training and regular background checks for all people working with children and young people / vulnerable adults. More details about this are supplied on the Charity Commission website.
  • Also note if a grant takes your income above £5,000 you will need to register with the Charity Commission or regulatory body that is appropriate for the structure you chose. More details about this are supplied on the Charity Commission website.

It is important to be aware that a constituted group is not an incorporated organisation and is not a legal body in its own right and has no separate legal identity. That means that individual members who enter into obligations, such as contracts, on behalf of the group are responsible as individuals for its debts and other liabilities. The central feature of unincorporated businesses or organisations is personal liability for the owner, partner, or member of the management committee.

If you are on the management committee of an unincorporated association your personal assets are at risk if the assets of the organisation are not sufficient to cover all the debts and liabilities.

If you need help to develop any aspect of your governance, contact your local Council for Voluntary Services (CVS) which can be found by following the link below.