Reapplication criteria

If you are a previous grant holder, or an unsuccessful applicant, please read our reapplication criteria before submitting a new application

If you have previously applied for a grant from us and wish to apply again, please read the following guidance carefully.

Revenue Funding: continuation funding for up to five years

We can offer a maximum of five years of continuous revenue funding towards the same project or work.

If your original revenue grant was for less than five years, you can apply for continuation funding to extend its duration up to a total of five years, as long as the project still meets our current funding priorities.

Continuation funding requests are considered on a case-by-case basis, but normally they will be for work and outcomes that are broadly in line with the original grant. The annual amount would usually be proportionate to the current award (allowing for inflation). We recognise that this will not always be appropriate, so, if helpful, please discuss individual circumstances with your Funding Manager in advance of an application.

To minimise the risk of a gap in funding between your current grant and any continuation award, you must apply at least four months before the end of your existing grant.

All continuation funding applications are subject to assessment, and we cannot guarantee they will be successful.

To apply for continuation funding for any of our mainstream grants, excluding Small Grants, please use the link below. For Small Grants continuation funding, see our Small Grants page. If you need further advice, please talk to your Funding Manager or contact

Revenue funding: reapplying after a grant has finished

If you received five years of continuous funding you can apply for funding for significantly different work 12 months after we receive satisfactory final monitoring on your current grant. 

If you want funding for something very similar to your current or recent award, you must wait 24 months before applying.

If you received a grant for Capital funding for access improvements or Capital funding for building works, you can apply for revenue funding 12 months after receipt of satisfactory final monitoring.

So long as we have received a satisfactory final monitoring report on your recent revenue grant, you can re-apply at any time if you are a civil society support organisation (i.e. infrastructure’ organisation providing capacity building services and/​or voice, representation, and advocacy support to the voluntary, community and social enterprise sectors) or a place-based giving scheme in the London’s Giving network.

Capital Funding and Access audits

If your organisation received a grant for an Access audit, once that audit is complete you can apply at any time for funding towards associated Capital funding for building works.

We do not offer continuation funding for Capital funding for access improvements or Capital funding for building works.

You can only apply for further capital funding at least five years after we receive a satisfactory monitoring report, and any new capital application will need to explain why the proposed works could not have been foreseen at the time the original capital grant was made.

Applying again after a rejected application

You must wait 12 months from the date of your unsuccessful application before you can re-apply.

Applying again after a withdrawn application

If you ask to withdraw your application, you can then submit a new application at any time.

Holding more than one grant at a time

You can only hold one grant from us at any one time with the exceptions of the Anchor Programme, Access audits, Eco Audits, Stepping Stones awards, our Making London More Liveable (Suicide Prevention) funding and Strategic initiatives. These can be held alongside other funding from us.

Additionally, if you hold a grant on behalf of a consortium, you are eligible for one main revenue grant in your own right.

We may run special one-off programmes and we will signpost if you can hold funding from these in addition to current or future awards.

We are happy to advise you if you have any questions on any of the above.