How to claim your grant payment

The grants-payment process: a check-list for claiming your grant for successful applications

All grants

Step one: accepting our terms and conditions

We give written notice of the decisions made on all our applications soon after they have been made. If your grant application is successful, you must return a copy of our terms and conditions. These will be sent to you electronically and must be signed by your organisation’s chair or treasurer (or director if you’re a charitable company and not a registered charitable company) as soon as possible.

You will be required to attach your bank details to your signed terms and conditions. Acceptable proof of bank details are a cheque, paying in slip or bank statement from within the last three months. Cheques must be clearly marked​“cancelled” or​“specimen”, so we can check the details of the account into which you wish payment to be made. Bank statements can be redacted; however, your organisation address and bank details must remain visible.

Please provide us with the email address of the person we should notify when we make payments for remittance purposes.

Step two: when you’re ready to receive funds:

  • Access your online portal (where you submitted your application) to tell us your chosen start date for your grant: this date must be after the date your grant application was approved.
  • In some instances, specific conditions may be imposed on your grant award. These would be explained in your grant offer letter. You should ensure that these conditions are met before requesting to draw down your funds.
  • You can contact your Funding Manager directly for any queries in regard to the start date of your project or conditions imposed, the contact details will be provided in your offer letter.

Payments are made by bank transfer and take a couple of weeks from receipt of request, providing all relevant conditions have been met. Further details can be found in the payments section of this website. If you change your bank account, address or contact information please send us the new details as soon as possible by email.

How we process revenue grants

In year one: once set up, payments for the first year will be issued automatically on a quarterly basis, unless we contact you to inform you of any change.

In subsequent years: You will be required to complete an end of year progress report, and you will be contacted at the appropriate time by the Funding Officer team to remind you. Once the report has been reviewed and approved by your Funding Manager, they will request the release of your quarterly grant instalments.

Revenue grants for staffing:

Whenever a grant contributes to either part or the full cost of an existing or new post, funds will only be paid after you provide:

  1. Written confirmation of the job title/​s, post holder/​s name and start date/​s. You are only required to provide this if the grants supports posts that are more than 17.5 hours per week.
  2. A job description confirming the salary scale/​rate of pay and hours of the post(s)

The Foundation must be notified in writing if named key personnel leave or are replaced.

Please note that we only consider funding posts that are paid the London Living Wage and will not usually pay for more than one full time equivalent (FTE) post.

How we process capital grants


We can only make payments on grants for the refurbishment of a building, to make it more accessible or more environmentally friendly.

For access works, you will need to have undertaken an Access Audit (see below) by an NRAC approved auditor. Following the audit’s recommendations, you will need to provide us with

architect’s certificates and other evidence of funds being required for payment

We will release payments on the basis of the project manager or contractor’s staging of the project, or invoicing.

For capital works to make your building more environmentally friendly, you will need to have undertaken an eco-audit funded by City Bridge Foundation.

Access Audits

We can only make payments for Access Audits on receipt of:

  • a copy of the Access Audit report (or a copy of the summary pages where it is a very bulky document – we may still ask for a copy of the whole report)
  • the invoice for the Access Audit report
  • the disability equality training if applicable

If the audit report is not yet available, then you must send a pro-forma invoice confirming its commission.