Increasing the quality and scale of giving

Funding theme: Increasing the quality and scale of giving

We want to fund organisations whose sole focus is on increasing the quality and scale of the giving of time, assets, skills and/​or funding.

Grant details

  • Area: Greater London
  • Open to: New and previous applicants
  • Deadline: Applications accepted on a rolling basis
  • Funding length: Up to five years
  • Funding size: There is no minimum or maximum limit to how much we will give, however we never give revenue funding exceeding 50% of the applicants turnover/​income in any one year

You can find out more about our approach to funding here.

What we fund

We want to support projects that set out to develop stronger, more open and inclusive links between organisations giving time, assets, skills and/​or funding donors and the voluntary and community sector.

Our aim is to improve the voluntary and community sector’s sustainability, particularly around issues, places or communities that currently struggle to secure support.

Projects we fund must benefit the inhabitants of Greater London.

Funding staff costs

We will not usually pay for staff costs beyond one full-time equivalent staff post. For example, we could pay for one full-time staff member, or two part-time staff, both working 17.5 hours a week. We will only fund staff posts that are paid the London Living Wage or above.

How to apply

Before beginning your application, please ensure you have thoroughly read steps one and two to check that our funding is a good fit for you. Please note, we only fund organisations that meet our eligibility criteria.

Application steps:

  1. Find out what’s involved in the application process

  2. Check your eligibility

  3. Start your application

If you are a previous grant holder, or an unsuccessful applicant, please read our reapplication criteria before submitting a new application.