Over £6.3 million awarded in grants as trust celebrates 25 years since its first committee meeting

In September 1995, City Bridge Trust or Bridge House Estates Trust Fund as we were known then held our first committee meeting and approved just 11 grants for a total of £168,350.

Twenty five years on, at our September 2020 committee meeting, 52 grants were approved for a total of £6,338,687. This was in addition to our various Covid relief and LCRF grants. Since 1995 we have awarded more than 8500 grants with a combined value of £445 million. Here’s to the next 25 years.

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Bridging Divides – Advice and Support

Limehouse Project Ltd.£117,100 over three years for the salary of a Universal Credit Support Worker and related running costs.

Wapping Bangladesh Association

£92,500 over five years to employ a bilingual Welfare Rights Adviser

WestPoint-Sustainable Community Development

£58,824 over three years to employ an Advice Co-ordinator and to cover the running and equipment costs of the Advice4Life programme, with a contribution to overheads.

Bridging Divides – Connecting the Capital

Abbey Community Centre

£250,000 over 5 years to support the salary costs of the Project Coordinator and Community Projects Development Manager and associated project costs to deliver a range of activities for older people in Camden.

Access Sport CIO

£110,000 over 3 years towards a programme of inclusive sporting opportunities for disabled young people in the boroughs of Lewisham, Greenwich and Southwark.

Arts 4 Dementia

£54,300 over 2 further and final years towards core costs of A4D’s London Arts Programme delivering arts workshops to those living with early stage dementia and their Carers.

Arts For All

£50,000 over five years for the costs of delivering The Rainbow Club, including a contribution to the Key Worker’s salary; volunteer expenses; day trips; materials and charity governance.

Autograph ABP

£40,000 over two years towards artist-led creative workshops for families with a child or children with SEND and in London.

Community Southwark

£95,000 over two further years for the salary of an Evaluation and Impact Support Officer and associated running costs to deliver a monitoring evaluation programme in Southwark

Ethical Property Foundation

£150,000 over three years towards staff, associate and running costs to continue to provide a property advice service to benefit London’s voluntary and community organisations.

Focus on Labour Exploitation (FLEX)

£104,200 over three years towards salaries of the Networks and LEAG Officer and the Training Officer, and associated project costs of a capacity building programme for organisations supporting London communities at risk of labour exploitation, modern slavery and trafficking. The grant includes a contribution to overheads.

Highgate Newton Community Centre

£74,000 over a further and final two years towards the salary of a Project Coordinator and salary of a Meals on Wheels Coordinator and a contribution to association freelance sessional staff costs to deliver a wellbeing programme to older vulnerable community members.

Inclusion London

£336,110 over 5 years for the salary of a Business Director and associated development and training activities, plus a contribution to staff capacity for shaping programme activities.

Intoart Projects

£158,000 over four years towards Public Programme Manager’s salary; Programme Co-ordinator – Ambitious Bodies salary; freelance programme staff; exhibition costs and a contribution to studio hire and on costs.

London Citizens (Citizens UK)

£238,400 over 3 years towards a Community Organiser Salary and project costs to develop community organising in five of London’s outer boroughs; strengthening civic institutions, giving voice and agency to underrepresented groups and tackling inequality.

London Wildlife Trust

£216,000 over five years for the salary and project costs towards increasing the participation of under-represented groups at Woodberry Wild.

Octopus Community Network

£186,400 over 5 years for the salaries of a Community Cultivator and a Plants Cultivator plus running costs to establish Octopus Community Network’s Community Plant Nursery as a catalyst for developing a network of urban food growing plots that are developed and maintained by neighbourhood-based communities to improve food security.

Park Theatre

£36,200 over two further and final years for the delivery of accessible performances for disabled audiences, deaf awareness training, and Evac Chair training.


£52,480 over one year for the Thames Connections research and consultation project.

The Health Forum

£27,400 over twelve months to enable The Health Forum to deliver training in community-based research, to five BME member organisations. Funding will cover a proportion of salary costs of two staff members, volunteer expenses, contribution to running costs and rent, publication costs and venue hire.

The Mulberry Centre

£175,000 over 5 years to support the Core running costs of the Mulberry Centre.

The Parochial Church Council of the Ecclesiastical Parish of St Gabriel, Warwick Square, Pimlico.

£90,000 towards the costs of providing disabled access and toilet facilities.

3 Pillars Project C.I.O.

£55,773 over three years for the coach and operations managers’ salaries and other running costs of the post-release mentoring programme.

Bridging Divides – Positive Transitions

Anna Freud Centre

£250,000 over four years for two First Steps’ group therapy programmes with women who have experienced repeated removals of children from their care. The costs of the programme to be partly funded by Anna Freud Centre and Pause.

BeFriend (formerly Volunteer Link Scheme)

£130,000 over 5 years to contribute to the salary costs of the Befriending Coordinators and associated project costs to deliver a Befriending Service for older people in Ealing.


£60,000 over 3 years towards a multi-skill programme to help young people’s transition into adulthood, work and society through the development of life skills focusing on independence, personal and practical skills-taught placements in CASPAs Community Café.

Centre for ADHD & Autism Support

£139,300 over 5 years to support the salary of the Youth Services Manager and associated project costs to deliver a specialist service for young people with ADHD and Autism in Hillingdon and Harrow.

Change Grow Live

£321,800 over 5 years to cover the salary of a volunteer coordinator and all associated costs to provide support to mothers receiving short term custodial sentences to maintain contact with their families.

Deafinitely Theatre

£200,000 over 5 years to contribute to the costs of the Youth Programme for deaf young people in London.

Ezra Umarpeh

£136,100 over five years towards the salary of a Home Equipment Delivery Technician, training, and vehicle operation costs.

InterAct Stroke Support

£56,400 over two further and final years three years towards a live reading service for elderly stroke survivors while in hospital in London and upon discharge.

London Bubble

£51,600 over a further and final two years towards the salary of a project coordinator and evaluation lead, freelance artists and associated costs, to deliver creative sessions for older people on Southwark.

My Life Films

£48,000 for a final 2 years to create a further 32 personalised life story film packages for people living with dementia.

National Gallery

£75,300 for the installation of a Changing Places facility and ground floor accessible toilet in the National Gallery Education Centre.

Peter Bedford Housing Association

£125,700 over 2 years for a Creative Industries Enterprise Coordinator and associated costs to provide a creative industries programme of activities and opportunities for people with a learning disability to develop life and employability skills.

Rethink Mental Illness

£128,300 over two further and final years for Project Management; line management; project costs; evaluation and on costs for Step Up University In London.

Spires Centre

£210,100 over five years towards two Outreach Workers and associated running costs.

St Luke’s Hospice (Harrow and Brent)

£240,000 over four years towards the salary of the Wellbeing Manager Lead and associated project costs.

Tender Education and Arts

£82,500 over two further and final years for salary costs of a Youth Engagement Manager, running costs and overheads. to support young Londoners in care and care leavers in avoiding or escaping abusive relationships.

The Maya Centre

£134,700 over three years to expand its counselling service to BAMER women. Costs include sessional counsellors’ salaries, administration, clinical supervision and monitoring costs.

Upper Room (St Saviour’s with St Mary’s)

£74,700 over two further and final years for the Project Co-ordinator’s salary plus project costs of the UR4Driving Project.

West London Action for Children

£133,700 over 5 years towards the Counsellor salary and associated project costs to deliver a counselling service to Children and Young People in West London.

Woman’s Trust

£200,000 over five years towards the core costs of the organisation.

Small Grants

St Peters Community Wellbeing Projects

£20,000 over two years towards the project of My health matters” providing support particularly to Bangladeshi women experiencing isolation and mental health issues.

Stepping Stones

Fat Macy’s

£33,300 to Fat Macy’s Foundation for additional staff time from the CEO and marketing and press lead to review its business development plan, increase the customer base and corporate contracts, and undertake financial modelling, to enable the organisation to apply for social investment.

Kingston Voluntary Action

£46,500 to Kingston Voluntary Action for its Superhighways project to backfill staff time and engage with external consultants to review its current services, streamline processes and undertake financial modelling, to enable the organisation to apply for social investment.

Wipers Youth CIC

£40,000 to Wipers Youth for additional staff time from the programme coordinator and operations manager to review current operations, produce a 3‑year strategic business plan, hold external consultations and refine social impact measurement, to enable the organisation to apply for social investment.

Strategic Initiatives

Centre for London

£50,000 towards London’s Futures, a strategic review of how London should/​might look by 2050.

Institute for Voluntary Action Research

£10,000 towards a learning review in order to capture and distil the key features and aspects of funder responses to the Covid-19 crisis, in collaboration with London Funders and other funders, including CBT.

Shift Foundation

£36,000 over 12 months towards the development of the Relationships Observatory, as part of the post-Covid recovery.

Consortium LGBT

£290,000 over three years to research and meet the needs of the LGBT+ sector in London during and post the Covid-19 pandemic. The work will be delivered in partnership with HERO and will ensure specific support is provided to the Transgender sector.

The Federation of London Youth Clubs

a) £97,000 towards the costs of a package of support through to January 2022 to organisations funded by the Young Londoners Fund.
b) Provision of a fund of £150,000 for individual Awards for organisations achieving the London Youth Quality Mark.