Grants of more than £14.5m approved at December 2022 committee meeting

Grants approved at the Grants Committee of the Bridge House Estates Board held on 5 December 2022

Bridging Divides

Age UK Lewisham & Southwark
£172,280 over four years (£42,700; £42,060; £43,180; £44,340) towards the costs of a specialist full-time Advisor. 

Age UK Waltham Forest
£159,000 over three years (£52,000; £52,500; £54,500) towards the salary and on-costs of the full-time Information and Advice Service Manager, volunteer costs, and a contribution to overheads. Draw down of funds is conditional on the information and advice service achieving the Advice Quality Standard. 

Camden Community Law Centre
£98,000 over two further and final years (£48,953, £49,047) to meet the salary and on-costs of a Welfare Rights Representation caseworker. 

Cambridge House and Talbot
£100,000 over two years (£49,390; £50,610) for the Crisis Navigator role and associated NI and pension costs, travel, subscriptions, and a contribution to core. The year two instalment has been increased in recognition of inflation.

Citizens Advice Bureaux Service Camden
£114,100 over two further and final years (£56,350; £57,750) for one full-time Universal Credit Advice Worker and related project and management costs.

Lewisham Irish Community Centre
£150,000 (£40,000; £35,000; £30,000; £25,000; £20,000) over five years towards salary costs of a Senior Advice Worker to support, supervise and lead the advice team delivering services to the Irish Community and Gypsy, Roma, Traveller Communities in the London Borough of Lewisham.

Notre Dame Refugee Centre
£195,630 over five years (£43,900; £40,900; £38,850; £36,910; £35,070) towards Notre Dame Refugee Centre’s core costs and safeguarding training in Year 1.

RCCT (Romanian Culture and Charity Together)
£75,000 over three years (£25,000 x 3) to support the running costs of the organisation, which includes the food bank and the promotion of access to essential services. 

Association of Chairs
£172,000 over three years (£53,000; £58,000; £61,000) towards the share of the organisation’s costs of supporting London Chairs and Vice Chairs, including proportionate contributions to the salaries of the Chief Executive, Head of Operations, and Events and Projects Officer (not exceeding one full-time across the three posts) events and marketing costs, plus a contribution to overheads. 

Drake Music
£108,000 over three years (£36,000; £36,000; £36,000) towards DMLabs and the associated running costs. 

Consortium LGBT
£226,900 over three years (£75,130; £75,360; £76,410) for one full-time London Engagement Officer, member engagement costs, networking and training event costs, accessibility costs and related project overheads. Release of grant instalments in years 2 and 3 are conditional on receipt of satisfactory financial forecasts from the organisation. 

Chinese Community Centre
#£60,000 over two years (£30,000 x 2) towards the salary costs of a Health and Wellbeing Project Co-ordinator and a Chef to continue to deliver a range of community support, services, and activities to improve the quality of life of older people from the Chinese Community. 

The Leaside Trust
£4,955 to commission an independent access audit and design appraisal of the Leaside Trust site and buildings as existing and proposed as part of site improvement plans. 

St Marylebone Parish Church
£100,000 towards the installation of the lift and staircase to a Grade 1 listed building. 

We Are Grow
£31,600 over three years (£10,000; £10,500; £11,100) towards We Are Grow’s Nature Discovery Days and Grow Outdoors activities including associated project overheads, conditional on receiving organisational written financial procedures and a confirmation from The Totteridge Academy on We Are Grow’s lease of the school’s land for the duration of the grant. 

Tannery Arts/​Drawing Room
£44,490 towards access improvements to make the Tannery Arts Drawing Room accessible for disabled people as detailed in the budget request. 

Choices Islington
£149,800 over three years (£46,572, £49,908, £53,320) towards the costs of providing a one-to-one counselling service for women prisoners and ex-prisoners specifically for issues of pregnancy, pregnancy loss, child loss or child separation. 

Royal Society for Blind Children
£161,860 over two years (£78,940; £82,920) towards a programme to deliver innovative emotional and practical support services that empower blind children and young people and their families in London to overcome barriers and live independently. 

£65,000 over two years (£35,000; £30,000) to contribute to MyBnk’s Money Works programme for care leavers in London. 

The New Cross Gate Trust
£175,600 over five years (£33,600, £34,652, £35,200, £35,800, £36,348) towards the delivery of ESOL classes and associated running costs. 

Bengali Workers Association
£189,200 over five years (£37,660; £35,160; £36,920; £38,760; £40,700) towards BWA’s Older People’s Project, including safeguarding training costs, a part-time Project Co-ordinator, a part-time Project Officer and related programme costs. Release of funds conditional upon satisfactory annual review of reserves levels. 

Croydon Voluntary Association for the Blind (Aka Croydon Vision)
£101,100 over two years (£53,200; £47,900) towards the organisation’s core programmes to reach and support the Lost 500 people with sight loss in Croydon. 

The Bike Project

£71,200 over two further and final years (£36,592, £34,608) towards the London Operations Manager’s salary alongside costs to undertake a recycling feasibility study in the first year. 

Hope for the Young
£188,200 over 5 years (£20,800; £40,000; £41,200; £42,500; £43,700) to contribute towards the salary costs of a full-time Programme Co-ordinator and other associated costs to deliver the Mentoring Programme in London for young people aged 16–25. 

MahaDevi Yoga Centre
£42,850 over 3 years (£14,000, £14,280, £14,570) contributing towards salaries to deliver therapeutic yoga work with children and young people with additional needs and disabilities. 

Federation of Iraqi Refugees
£59,500 over three years (£19,000, £19,500, £21,000) for a part-time Development Worker to provide information and guidance to Iraqi refugees and asylum seekers in London, as well as associated project and management costs. 

Change for Good Community Chaplaincy Limited
£88,000 over three years (£28,500; 29,500; £30,000) towards the salary, on-costs, and clinical supervision costs of a Project Worker, to continue practical support and advice for prisoners and ex-offenders released and/​or residing in London. 

Sophie Hayes Foundation
£175,800 over five years (£34,462; £34,807; £35,156; £35,509; £35,866) towards the salary and on-costs of one part-time London Programme Co-ordinator and a further part-time London Programme Co-ordinator, with a contribution to overheads 

Saracens Sport Foundation
£192,500 over five years (£35,700, £36,900, £38,500, £39,900, £41,500) towards the costs of the Junior DisABILITY Sports Hub, providing sports activities for 8–13-year-olds with learning disabilities. 

Ascension Community Trust
£148,000 over 3 years (£49,000, £49,300, £49,700) towards the costs of providing creative and wellbeing focussed activities for people with learning disabilities or mental health challenges, and longer-term supported volunteer placements. 

St Michaels Fellowship
£113,450 for a further and final two years (£55,100, £58,350) for the full-time salary of a Young Parent Practitioner and associated on-costs. 

West Silvertown Foundation
£97,650 over three years (£32,000; £32,500; £33,150) towards the Welcome Project, covering a part-time project co-ordinator, 5 weekly Pre-entry – Level 3 ESOL classes, creche facilities, community activities and related project overheads. 

East African Association
£27,800 over three years (£9,200; £9,300; £9,300) for sports and fitness activities for older disadvantaged people in the South London Somali community, covering coaching costs, venue hire and related project overheads. 

Ethiopian Community in Britain 
£33,440 over three years (£11,380; £11,030; £11,030) for an Older Persons project, covering safeguarding training in year 1, a part-time Co-ordinator, sessional exercise instructor and related project costs. 

Community Focus Inclusive Arts
£99,400 over two years (£49,800, £49,600) towards the running costs of a multidisciplinary art-based programme engaging young disabled people 

Time and Talents Association
£113,700 over 2 years (£55,736, £57,964) towards the costs of providing a programme of home and community-based health and wellbeing activities for older people in Southwark. 

Public Interest Law Centre
£147,700 over three years (£47,400; £49,200; £51,100) towards European Migrants Legal Hub activities, including the Homeless Rights Advisor salary (1FTE) and associated costs. 

Springboard Youth Academy CIO
£50,000 (£16,000; £16,500; £17,500) over three years towards the costs of the organisation’s three educational and psychosocial support programmes, specifically the freelance facilitation costs. 

St Cuthbert’s Centre
£161,400 over five years (£38,280; £35,280; £32,280; £29,280; £26,280) towards the CEO’s salary. 

BANG Edutainment Ltd
£111,720 over two further and final years (£53,720, £58,000) for two part-time therapists and associated project costs. 

One Westminster
£282,400 over 5 years (£52,700; £55,100; £56,600; £58,200; £59,800) towards the salary and project costs for a full time Head of CVS Service. 

Voice4Change England
£399,040 over 5 years (£74,045; £77,725; £80,030; £82,400; £84,840) to cover the salary and running costs of an infrastructure project to build the capacity and organisational resilience of BME voluntary sector organisations in London. 

The Orchard Project
£281,900 over five years (£28,500; £55,800; £64,200; £60,800; £72,600) towards the cost to deliver urban community orchard planting and training activities in London. Funding does not cover delivery in schools. 

Music of Life
£254,400 over five years (£47,150; £49,550; £51,000; £52,600; £54,100) towards the Music for Deaf Children and teacher training programmes in London. 


The Phoenix Garden
£2,200 (5.5 days) to provide an eco-audit.

Streatham Youth and Community Trust
£4,000 (10 days) to provide an Eco-audit. 

The Selby Trust
£2,400 (6 days) to provide an eco-audit. 

CPotential Trust
£2,400 (6 days) to provide an eco-audit. 

Half Moon Young People’s Theatre Ltd
£3,000 (7.5 days) to provide an eco-audit. 

Headway East London
£2,800 (7 days) to provide an eco-audit.

London’s Giving

Voluntary Action Harrow CIC
£208,500 over three years (£71,357; £68,716; £68,427) towards the costs of employing a full-time Community Engagement Manager and a contribution towards its participatory grant making model and implementation of a grants customer relationships management system. 

United St Saviour’s Charity 
£179,590 over three years (£54,460; £61,120; £64,010) towards One Southwark, covering 1 FTE Programme Support Officer and related programme delivery costs.

Groundwork London
£181,000 over three years (3 x £60,500) as seed-funding to establish, develop, and deliver Waltham Forest Giving’, a place based giving scheme. 

Cripplegate Foundation
£239,000 over three years (£65,000; £106,000; £68,000) towards the costs of delivering participatory grant-making, excluding onward grant-making funds, and towards the costs of researching and developing a resident academy. 

Lewisham Local (previously Rushey Green Time Bank)
£282,076 over three years (£92,076; £93,872; £96,128) to contribute to the Local Business Coordinator and Charities & Grants Coordinator salaries and associated project costs to accelerate local giving in Lewisham.

Small grants

Waltham Forest Blind Association
£30,000 (3 x £10,000) towards through inclusive sports activities, including strengthening and balancing exercises, for blind and partially sighted people in Waltham Forest 

£22,070 over three years (£7,000; £7,350; £7,720) towards Arts Against Hunger project costs. 

Stepping Stones

Link UP London C.I.C.
£49,000 over twelve months for the salary of a part-time Corporate Partnerships Manager, in addition to contributions to Skilled Volunteer Officer and Communications Officer roles, and a contribution to overheads.

Strategic Initiatives

Association of Charitable Foundations
£2,500 over 12 months to support the development of Impact Investing in the Main Endowment”, a learning programme for charitable foundations. ” 

DINN — Do It Now Now
£2,004,000 to Do It Now Now CIC (DINN Enterprise CIC) over two years towards: a. Onward grant making of core funding to transformational, London-focussed small start-up Black-led Charities and Social Enterprises with an income of between £10k-£50k in Stage One of the Continuum Fund (£960,000); b. Training and Core Support (non-financial support) to London-focussed Black-led CSEs partnering with DINN across all stages of the Fund through cohort-based programmes, peer-to-peer support, and more to develop stability, sustainability, and increased impact of the network (£588,000); c. A contribution to running costs, proportionate to a total estimated London benefit of the Continuum Fund (£456,000)

Friends Provident Foundation 
£15,000 over three years (3 x £5,000) towards the production of the Foundations Practice Rating, subject to a satisfactory memorandum of understanding between Bridge House Estates and the Friends Provident Foundation.

Institute for Voluntary Action Research
£5,000 towards the costs of the Open and Trusting Grant-making initiative

London Community Foundation

£1,065,000 over five months to the London Community Foundation for onward grant-making through the Together for London Winter appeal and the operational costs of same.

Ascension Trust

£167,700 over two years (£97,500; £70,200), to the Ascension Trust to support the Bridgewatch programme, through a contribution towards the costs of a Co-ordinator/Manager, volunteer costs including training, overheads, and equipment costs.

Comic Relief

A grant of £2,069,375 to Comic Relief towards Phase III of the Global Majority Fund for costs including the organisational development of a number of London based charities as well as ongoing grant-making (benefitting Londoners) undertaken by those charities and funder plus support elements, at an amount proportionate to their London activity.

Baring Foundation

£1,500,000 over five years (£190,000, £275,000, £315,000, £340,000, £380,000) be awarded to develop and deliver a programme to promote and develop the use of Human Rights Based Approaches for London-focused civil society organisations.

Transition funding

Southbank Centre
£100,000 over two years (£50,000, £50,000) towards project costs for the Southbank Centre’s Arts and Wellbeing work with Londoners aged 65+.

Age UK Camden
£93,200 over two years (£46,100, £47,100) towards salary costs of a Good Neighbours Scheme Manager to run a befriending service for older people in Camden. 

£92,400 over two years (£46,370; £46,030) towards the costs of strengthening road crash victims’ voice in influencing policymaking and practice on reducing road danger, increasing active travel and progressing to Vision Zero in London.

My Life My Say
£100,000 over two years (2 x £50,000) for core costs for My Life My Say’s work amplifying the voices of underrepresented young people in London.

Age UK Hillingdon, Harrow and Brent
£72,500 over a further two and final years (£35,500, £37,000) to fund a part-time FTE Dementia Activities Worker to provide older people with dementia and their carers with person-centred CST-based support and build relationships with local dementia services, as well as project and management costs.

Fulham Good Neighbours
£100,000 over two years (2 x £50,000) towards full-time Director’s salary, pension and NI plus on costs.

£71,100 over two years (£35,000; £36,100) towards a Programme Co-ordinator post and other associated costs to deliver trauma informed creative sessions with children and young people across London.

Clean Break
£100,000 over two further and final years (£50,000 x2) towards the salary costs of the Head of Participation

Leap Confronting Conflict
£98,000 over two years (£50,000; £48,000) towards the core costs of the organisation, limited to supporting services delivered for children and young people in London.

Generation Exchange
£38,600 total over two years £17,200 and £21,400 towards the running costs of the intergenerational IT Exchange project for older people. The second year payment is to be released on the condition that it represents no more than of 50% of the charity’s income in that grant year.