Grants of £5.3m awarded at November & December 2021 committee meetings

At the November 2021 meeting of the Bridge House Estates Board and the December 2021 meeting of the Bridge House Estates Grants Committee 28 grants were awarded, totalling £5.3m

Bridging Divides

Alternatives Trust East London
£70,700 over a further two and final years (£35,350; £35,350) towards the salaries of a part-time Development Coordinator and a part-time Casework Coordinator plus on costs. Funding from this grant is not to be used for any projects where employment is a direct outcome.

Bishop Creighton House
£74,500 over two years (£37,000; £37,500) towards the part-time salaries of two Learning Disability Outreach Coordinators.

Citizens Advice Hillingdon Ltd
£133,700 over three years (£45,000; £44,200; £44,500) for one f/​t Money Adviser.

Four Corners Ltd
£4,200 to fund an advisory group and access audit and design appraisal to inform Four Corners’ plans to develop additional, accessible training facilities and gallery space.

Hounslow Citizens Advice
£105,000 over two further and final years (£52,500 x 2) for one f/​t Welfare Benefits Adviser, volunteer costs and related operational costs.

Housing for Women
£190,600 over five years (£35,400; £36,700; £38,000; £39,500; £41,000) towards the costs of a F/T Support Worker.

£38,150 over two further and final years (£18,610; £19,540) to meet the costs of six sessional support workers fees.

Core funding over five years of £164,900 (£48,100; £42,100, £36,100; £26,500; £12,100) to increase engagement with rightsnet, providing services to address challenges faced by disadvantaged communities across London.

Latin American House
£3,040 for the cost of an independent access audit at Latin American House.

my AFK (Action For Kids Charitable Trust)
£250,000 over five years (5 x £50,000) towards the salary of a f/​t Business Development & Advocacy Manager and of a Service Delivery Facilitator, and related costs, for a project supporting disabled young Londoners to become leaders, peer ambassadors and agents of change to enable their increased independence.

SPEAR Housing Association
£76,540 (£37,890; £38,650) for a Full-time Peer Mentor Worker, including NI and pension; IT, phone, laptop, database, office and on costs.

Stonegrove Community Trust
£3,600 is recommended for SCT to carry out an access audit and disability awareness training.

Stop the Traffik
£74,700 over two further and final years (£36,944; £37,756) for the salary and on-costs of a FT Project Manager and associated costs of expanding Stop the Traffik’s anti-trafficking network and information campaigning across London

The Albany
£97,500 over five years (£19,500 per annum) towards the costs of a part-time Garden Co-ordinator.

The East Barnet Royal British Legion Club Ltd
£2,179 to meet the costs of an independent access audit at the East Barnet RBL Club and for the provision of access and inclusive design training for staff.

Hammersmith and Fulham Association for Mental Health
£160,000 across three years (£53,250; £53,250; £53,500) for a full-time Advice and Information Worker and associated costs, to provide advice services from two central hub locations and in alternative community and health settings across Hammersmith and Fulham and Hounslow. Draw down of funds is conditional on the information and advice service achieving Advice Quality Standard accreditation.

Eco Audits

Bromley by Bow Centre
£2,400 (6 days) to provide an eco-audit

Orpington Football Club
£1600 to provide an eco-audit to Orpington Football Club.

St Laurence Church Catford
£2,000 (5 days) to provide an eco-audit

Small Grants – Bridging Divides

Bubble Club CIC
£29,100 over three years (£9,100; £10,000; £10,000) towards the salary of a Project Manager and running costs to deliver Bubble Club’s inclusive and immersive events programme for people with learning disabilities.

Lewisham Churches Care
£8,000 over two years (2 x £4,000) towards the salary and running costs of the Silver Lunch Club weekly activities targeted at isolated older people.

Stepping Stones

Alternatives Trust East London
£50,000 to Alternatives Trust East London to fund a full time Project Manager and on-costs, line management and administration for the role, as well as marketing, business and legal advice to pilot a local cleaning service, and if successful to raise further social investment. Funding is awarded on the condition that ATEL agrees to provide up to £24,000 of additional funding either from earned income or its own reserves.

Strategic Initiatives

Greater London Volunteering
£12,860 to be distributed between RE:ACT (94% of funds), Little Village (4%) and Havering Volunteer Centre (2%) to cover petrol and congestion charge costs incurred while delivering essential items to Afghan evacuees in London.

Hackney CVS
£50,000 towards the recruitment and salary of a CEO for the Baobab Foundation, and related infrastructure and core costs.

Hackney CVS
£200,000 over two years (£120,000; £80,000) towards phase two running costs of the Baobab Foundation.

London Emergencies Trust
£25,000 over two years (2 x £12,500) towards LET’s general operational costs.

£499,999 over 2 years to ROSA for the RISE fund, providing grants to strengthen Black and minoritised-led organisations in the women and girls sector. The funding can only be used to support organisations benefitting Londoners and includes £90,000 towards administration costs.

The Prince’s Trust
£1m per year, for 10 years, for a range of services to support London’s hardest to reach young people. (£3m covering years seven to nine)