£5.6m awarded at City Bridge Trust’s July 2020 Committee

July’s meeting of the City Bridge Trust Committee saw 43 grants awarded, totalling over £5.6m.

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Bridging Divides

Advice and Support

Citizens Advice Hammersmith & Fulham

£146,800 over 3 years for a community outreach senior adviser and associated project costs to provide outreach advice to communities who do not usually access mainstream advice services.


£131,000 over two years for a Development Officer and associated project costs.

River House Trust

£87,500 over five years towards Social Worker; volunteer expenses; travel reimbursement for ten beneficiaries; and administration costs of the foodbank and support service.

Haringey Migrant Support Centre

£45,000 over two years towards the Destitution Coordinator and a contribution towards the Caseworker, and associated project costs.

Connecting the Capital

Race On The Agenda

£85,200 over 3 years as contribution towards the core costs of the organisation.

Standing Together Against Domestic Violence

£180,000 over 3 years towards the project manager salary, overheads, management contribution and project costs.


£150,000 over three years towards Money4Youth’s Avocado fundraising capability and financial sustainability programme for BAMER organisations in London.

Caxton Youth Organisation

£250,000 over five years for the salary costs of a Lead Youth Worker and related management and activity costs of the Social & Emotional Wellbeing Programme.

Artbox London

£59,000 over 2 further and final years to support the charity’s core work with a contribution towards the Director’s and Arts Coach’s salaries.

Inclusion Barnet

£284,000 over five years for the salary costs of a Peer Advocacy Lead; the CEO as sector representation lead; a Project Co-ordinator; and management and related costs of a project supporting voice for disabled people and disability organisations.

Age UK Enfield

£131,000 over 3 years for the salary and related costs of a Fit for Life Manager and volunteer expenses.

St Joseph’s Hospice

£80,400 over two further and final years towards salary costs of a Care Manager and Administrator and activity costs of supporting people with dementia nearing the end of life and their carers in Newham.

Social Farms & Gardens (SF&G)

£139,600 over two years for the London Project Officer and London Support Project Officer and associated project running costs.

Camden Giving

£140,000 over three years as core funding contributions towards the Director and Assistant Director posts.

Kingston Voluntary Action

£175,140 over 4 years towards the Director’s salary and running costs.

Hammersmith United Charities

£180,000 over five years in core funding for the UNITED in Hammersmith & Fulham place-based giving scheme.

Carers Trust

£189,000 over three years for the London Network Capacity Building Project Manager and associated project running costs and management costs.

Redbridge Respite Care Association

£158,100 over 3 years towards the costs of a Family Liaison Officer and Wellbeing Support Worker and associated project costs to deliver an empowering wellbeing service to carers and people with dementia in Redbridge.

Advocacy Now

£250,000 over five years towards the salary of a Volunteer Co-ordinator and associated costs including volunteer expenses.


£124,000 over three years for staff and running costs of the Every Day in Focus programme, providing training, awareness raising, and improving access to eye care for Londoners with learning disabilities and autism.

Positive Transitions

Havering Women’s Aid

£127,500 over five years to cover the salary of a Young Persons Independent Domestic Abuse Advisor.

Baytree Centre

£74,000 over two further and final years towards the salary of two ESOL tutors and associated project running costs for the English Breakthrough project.

Action on Disability

£220,800 over five years towards staff costs, sessional costs and overheads for programmes with young people.

Action for Stammering Children (ASC)

£213,360 over five years towards the costs of providing specialist consultations; group intensive courses; and top-up support for young Londoners who stammer, with a contribution to overheads.

St Christopher’s Fellowship

£176,400 over 5 years for a Life Skills Officer and associated project costs.

Dream Arts

£94,200 over three years towards the salaries of the Project Director, Project Co-ordinator and a contribution towards overheads and supervision.

Islington Chinese Association

£248,900 over 5 years towards the cost of a Well-Being Officer and associated project costs and overheads to work with older Chinese People across London.

Hillingdon Refugee Support Organisation

£65,700 over two years towards the staff and project costs for the BHUMP LET project.

Aanchal Women’s Aid

£166,715 over five years for salary costs for the advisor/​advocate post, volunteer expenses and a contribution to core costs.

EACH Counselling and Support

£116,900 over two years for the salary of the Project Lead and associated project costs for the Connect and Change for Better Health project.

Maa Shanti

£93,500 over five years towards the costs of an Outreach Support Worker; the costs of securing an Advice quality mark and a contribution to running costs.

Mousetrap Theatre Projects

£84,500 over three years for the project costs of delivering 12-week programmes across two hostels in Westminster and Haringey.


£112,500 over three years towards costs of a Peer and Volunteer Support Manager. A proportion will also be allocated to the salary of a Training Manager, overheads and volunteer costs.

East London Out Project

£99,000 over two further and final years for the salary of a Service Administrator; costs of supporting volunteer counsellors; and overheads of a counselling service.

Hestia Housing & Support

£70,200 over two further and final years for the full-time salary and related costs of a Children and Family Worker at the Hammersmith and Fulham refuges.

Room to Heal

£185,400 over 5 years for a Caseworker and a Psychotherapist and associated running costs to provide individual and group therapeutic interventions for people who have survived torture to rebuild their lives.

Cardboard Citizens

£152,420 over three years towards developing and embedding trauma informed practice into CC’s programme and promoting the value of this approach more widely throughout the arts-based sector.

Tower Hamlets Friends & Neighbours

£196,440 over 5 years for salary, volunteers’ expenses and management costs.

Small Grants – Bridging Divides

Sport4Health Community Interest Company

£20,000 over two years to provide weekly badminton sessions for older people at the Battersea Sports Centre.

The Spitz Charitable Trust

£20,000 over two years towards the costs artists to lead music sessions, directors’ fees and a social celebration.

Stepping Stones

Trees for Cities

£50,000 to Trees for Cities to engage consultants to review the business plan, financials, consult and engage with councils and local London communities and website development, enabling the charity to apply for social investment.

Strategic Initiatives – Bridging Divides

Centre for Charity Effectiveness

£19,200 towards a series of 12 podcasts on how charities are responding to the Covid-19 crisis.

Greater London Authority

£19,675 for emergency food bank re-supply costs.