Interlink Foundation

A membership organisation for Orthodox Jewish organisations

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Grant Type: Building an agile and robust civil society
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Interlink Foundation

Interlink Foundation began as a grassroots, needs-led organisation in the 1990s, supporting the Jewish community, specifically the Charedi community by championing the empowerment of community groups. Interlink’s more outward-facing work involves building connections between the Charedi community and external organisations, to promote community voice and bring different stakeholders together to share in joint problem-solving and community support.

In October 2019 Interlink was awarded £250,000 to spend over five years. To support running costs of their projects supporting capacity building and resilience amongst Charedi organisations.

Interlink have shown they can successfully build robust communities, as stated by one of their members 

Helping the community to organise, bringing partners from outside the community and joint, effective, shared problem-solving. There seems to be a real increase in understanding that to solve the problems communities face, the community itself must be involved”.

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