Consultancy opportunity: development of our new Impact Framework

We are looking to engage a consultancy to support with the development of a new Impact Framework to measure and the track the impact of our work, as outlined in our Bridging London Strategy 2020 – 2045

  • Contract: Consultancy
  • Application deadline: 8 April 2024, 12pm

Background – our strategy

We first published our Bridging London strategy in 2020, outlining the impact we aim to achieve as a charity over a 25-year period and providing a framework for all our activities.

In the past four years there has been a considerable amount of change, both for the charity itself and for the world we live in, prompting us to update this strategy ahead of schedule.

In February 2024, our Board endorsed a refreshed Bridging London Strategy. As part of the refresh, we also developed a new set of values for the charity. They will guide us in what we do and inform how we work, both internally with each other and externally with our peers and wider networks.

Our vision

  • For London and Londoners to be truly connected

Our outcomes

  • We maintain and promote world-class bridges
  • We develop and deliver world-class charitable funding
  • We embed and encourage world-class responsible business practices


We are looking to appoint a consultancy to help us develop an Impact Framework to measure the work delivered against our strategy and our three outcomes, listed above.

We want to evidence that our cross-cutting strategic ambitions of Equity, Diversity and Inclusion and Climate Action are embedded in every area of work and to ensure that we are guided by, and live, our values.

The Impact Framework will serve as a reporting and accountability tool, but most importantly as a way for us to learn and continually improve as we work towards our strategy. The Impact Framework will therefore need to set out a set of impact measures for our work.

We want the Impact Framework to outline City Bridge Foundation’s definition of impact and the principles we will apply to how we approach impact.

We are open to ideas on the approach and process to developing an Impact Framework, and welcome details of how you would deliver this.

Given the diverse nature of our work, we are open to group’ bids/​partner-working and welcome responses from multidisciplinary teams.

Deadlines and application

While we do not have a fixed deadline for completion of the project, we would like to commence the work in April 2024 and for the Impact Framework to be fully operational in the 2025/26 financial year (starting April 2025).

We will work with the appointed consultants to develop an appropriate timeline for the project. We are open to ideas on the approach to this piece of work, so please do provide an indicative timeline for delivery of this project in your submission brief.

Download the full brief

Submission of response

The deadline for submission is midday on Monday, 8 April 2024.

Your submission should be emailed to Milly Ehren, Head of Strategy & Governance, via